The How-To's and Where's of LFN

So, you want to know where did all the sounds go once you downloaded them? Here are some helpful suggestions.
First, double check that your web browser has been configured to save downloads- check under general preferences and make sure that little box is clicked that says "save to disk" or something to that effect.

Netscape Browser, Firefox and others

1. Check under your web browser's cache...handy place where all the places you've visited gets stashed- allows your computer to bring up the places and pics more quickly if you revisit a place.

2. Or, if you have MS Internet Explorer, go under Windows directory, then Temporary Internet Folder- this serves also as a cache where you'll find plenty of goodies.

3. As a last resort, do a search throughout your hard drive, starting at the root directory (ex. c:/) and use *.wav This will bring up all sound formats with .wav extensions and show you where they are located.

Q. Okay, I think I have them, but when I click on them nothing happens. Then what?
A. Make sure your sound is associated to your cd player or media play, or sound recorder. Go to Explorer. Highlight your chosen sound, then go to the top left side and check under properties. Attach the sound to your music program, and voila! There you go!

Q. Okay, how does one "LFN" my computer?

A. Create a folder, name it whatever you want (ex. La Femme Nikita, or LFN or sounds) and cut and paste or move your chosen sounds to that folder. Go to your control panel/sounds, go under schemes and type out your new group. Then, use the browse button to hunt for your sounds and associate them to your windows sounds (ex. startup, exit, minimize, maximize) Hit the preview button to check them out.

Another thing I usually try is to empty out my cache. Sometimes the files are corrupted, and the browser keeps returning to them when you return to the site or hit the reload button. Emptying out the cache not only forces the browser to reload fresh data, but speeds it up as well; doesn't have to sort thru sites you've been to days ago.

Just another LFN fan,
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