The Music FAQ

This was revised and updated 10/16/00.  

Q. Who composed the theme music? 

A. Mark Snow is the man. He created only the theme song. He is also the creator of the theme music in the tv series, X-Files. 

Q.  What are the words to the theme song, and what do they mean? 

A.  Cherchez la femme, Cherchez la femme, Dans la nuit, Dans la nuit...roughly translated, means Look for the woman, look for the woman...Into the night, into the for the meaning, one I've heard is, the power is wielded by the woman behind the throne. 

Q. Who is the main music composer? 

A. That would be Sean Callery. To really check his scores; watch the episodes "Darkness Visible", "Psychic Pilgrim", "Open Heart".  The most distinctive scores are what LFN fans call "Michael and Nikita's Love Theme"; the haunting, piano melody that plays during Michael and Nikita's intimate moments. 

Q. So who's the one who gets to pick and choose which bands play in LFN? 

A. The awesome guy we speak with such reverence is Mr. Blaine Johnson, Technical Consultant. 

Q.  There were 3 episodes in season two that didn't contain any band music.  Will the trend continue? 

A.  That question was answered by Sean Callery.  His reply..."The show will never be without source music so fear not!  I think the recent shows like "Psychic Pilgrim", "Open Heart", and "Darkness Visible" have story lines that lended themselves to more darker, score-like musical textures.  I'm delighted that this very same series can function with different musical styles and textures, and give us shows like "Love", for example." 

Q. Is there a "La Femme Nikita" Soundtrack? 

A. Yes, there is! Check out their web site! History so far- Before La Femme Nikita was even considered for a second season people were already asking about a tv series soundtrack halfway through the first. 

Q. What are the songs that are on this soundtrack? 

A. Okay, the list is out. It's on my soundtrack web page; Click Here. Nope, the scores from Sean Callery (original music) aren't on the soundtrack. 

Q. Why is the music list incomplete? 

A. The list, starting from the beginning episode of Season One "Nikita" until "Gray" was provided to the fans of LFN by Mr. Chris Heyn, assistant to the executive producer/consultant Mr. Joel Surnow who in turn got it from Mr. Blaine Johnson. He hasn't posted in a while. Until then, any fan who recognizes the music played in the episodes would bring it to my attention and I would take it from there. 

Q. Will you put the sound bytes in MP3 format in the near future?

A. Nope. It's a lot of work updating, making, and maintaining this website. This has been online since LFN started, 1997. The fans who access this website are from around the world, and I try to accommodate everyone by using .wav format so anyone can access a sound without having to convert it or use a third party software. The same question was posed when RealAudio was first introduced, then MP2, now there's MP3. This format is easiest for me and there are third party software for anyone else who wants to convert my sound bytes.

Q. Any other people out there we can acknowledge or reach? 

A. Acknowledgements goes out to Mr. Christopher Heyn, our Section One Liason (Assistant to the Executive Consultant of La Femme Nikita, Joel Surnow), Sean Callery, for his graciousness in replies to multitudes of questions, and most especially you, Section Two Operatives (fans of LFN) for helping me with the content of this web site.

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